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Junior Consultant - EY Parthenon (Prague)

Location:  Prague 1 - Nove Mesto
Other locations:  Anywhere in Region
Salary: Competitive
Date:  Apr 24, 2024

Job description

Requisition ID:  1408955

The most important things in a few sentences


We develop strategies that move our clients' businesses forward. In our work, we combine rigorous analysis with ideas that have a real impact on how the companies you see around you operate. We will give you the chance to get to know a diverse range of industries and be a part of projects that change companies for the better.


Your role in the team


"Consider a scenario where a company sets its sights on a new foreign market. This endeavor demands a wealth of essential information — understanding the market's growth dynamics, comprehending its drivers, and dissecting the competitive landscape. Our team’s role involves assessing the viability of market entry and devising effective strategies. This encompasses addressing complex challenges collaboratively within our team. Additionally, you'll contribute to projects focused on shaping growth, formulating acquisition strategies, and aiding in seamless company integrations. Through these experiences, you'll gain insights via detailed analyses and have the guidance of experienced colleagues at your side."

- Matěj Tročil, Manager, EY-Parthenon

What is important to us


We know you're just starting your career. But here are a few things that are important for this job:


  • Conducting In-depth Market Analysis: Take charge of conducting thorough and exhaustive market research, employing various analytical tools and methodologies to develop insights on different markets.
  • Contributing to Strategic Projects: Actively participate in strategic initiatives aimed at market entry, growth, and expansion plans.
  • Preparing Detailed Analyses: Develop detailed analytical reports and presentations encompassing findings from market analyses, feasibility studies, and strategic recommendations.
  • Display Problem-Solving Thinking: Apply a problem-solving mindset to dissect complex challenges encountered during market entry evaluations or strategic projects.
  • Strategic Input and Execution: Offer strategic input and assist in the execution of growth plans, mergers, or acquisitions.
  • Continuous Learning and Team Collaboration: Embrace a proactive approach to learning, keeping abreast of industry trends, market dynamics, and emerging technologies.


  • You have completed a university degree (or you will complete it in this academic year).
  • You are interested in strategy consulting and, ideally, have previous experience in consulting.
  • You speak and write English well, as we are a regional team and all communication is in English.
  • You exhibit common sense and can stay level-headed during periods of complex and intense work. Often, you will need to rapidly familiarize yourself with unfamiliar topics.
  • And most importantly, it must be a good match. You will spend a lot of time with us, so you must get along with the team personally.

Preferred Qualities:

  • Global Perspective: An appreciation for diverse cultures and a global mindset that enables understanding and navigating international markets effectively. This includes sensitivity to cultural nuances and an openness to exploring opportunities beyond regional boundaries.
  • Adaptability to Ambiguity: Proven capacity to thrive in ambiguous situations or uncertain environments, showcasing resilience and adaptability while maintaining focus and clarity in complex and ever-evolving scenarios.
  • Leadership Potential: Display signs of leadership potential, whether through prior leadership experiences, initiative-taking, or the ability to influence peers positively, indicating the potential to grow into leadership roles within the team.
  • Client Relationship Skills: A natural inclination or demonstrated ability to build strong interpersonal relationships, fostering trust and credibility through effective communication, understanding client needs, and delivering high-quality service.

What we offer


We offer an attractive starting salary with an annual bonus if your work goes well. Additionally, we provide benefits that will surely please you:

  • Time off: 6 weeks of leave plus one additional EY Day to recharge.
  • Referral reward: Earn from 10,000 to 70,000 CZK for referring a new colleague.
  • Benefit points: 27,000 CZK on to spend as you wish. For example, you can purchase a Multisport card, shop for gifts, or book a trip on Slevomat.
  • Professional development: You will continuously learn and develop your skills with us. We offer a unique professional development program and a wide range of courses in our learning map. You can access the educational portal, and we offer language courses. Our colleagues will provide support in the form of counseling and internal coaching.
  • Employee discounts: Enjoy discounted offers on a wide range of services. Discounts are available at Fruitisimo, Sushi Time, and the BodyBody fitness center, amongst others.
  • Health and care: Gain access to fast and convenient online consulting at uLékař from qualified doctors.
  • Teamwork and fun: With us, it's not just about work, but also about fun and team cooperation. We frequently organize team events such as dinner or bowling, alongside company parties and other great events that strengthen our team atmosphere. You can also participate in CSR activities.

What to expect after submitting your application


  • The first step is the entrance tests, which you will complete online. There will be three in total: English, numeracy and logical thinking, and cognitive thinking. You will have a week to complete these tests, and we appreciate timely submissions.
  • The second round is an online meeting with our recruiter Karolina, where you will discuss all the necessary details of the position.
  • Subsequent rounds are online interviews with EY-Parthenon team members where you will receive a brief introduction from one of our colleagues, followed by a case study. These rounds will also include questions relating to personal fit. They are a great opportunity to meet and interact with your potential future team members.
  • The final part of the selection process is a short online call with the team partner Domen Zadravec.

You can join us anytime. We will arrange the start date according to your needs. We look forward to meeting you!

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