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Consultor/a de mercados

Location:  Madrid
Other locations:  Primary Location Only
Salary: Competitive
Date:  30 May 2024

Job description

Requisition ID:  1508738

<b _msthash="937" _msttexthash="3968406">¿Qué pasaría si tu curiosidad pudiera ayudar a construir el mundo que imaginamos?

<b _msthash="936" _msttexthash="2892994">¿Qué pasaría si tu Carrera pudiera tener un impacto en ti y en el mundo?

<b _msthash="935" _msttexthash="3310619">¿Qué pasaría si no nos enfocamos en quién eres ahora, si no en lo que serás?

<span _msthash="934" _msttexthash="127097074" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">En EY tendrás la oportunidad de construir una experiencia única. Dispondrás de la última tecnología, estarás rodeado de equipos de alto rendimiento y contarás con el entorno global y la cultura inclusiva que necesitas para descubrir tu potencial. A través de nuestros cursos de formación y mentoring, podrás desarrollar las habilidades necesarias para crecer, a día de hoy y en el futuro; mientras construyes una red de contactos, mentores y líderes que te acompañaran en esta experiencia en EY.

<b _msthash="933" _msttexthash="1643395">The exceptional EY experience. It's yours to build.


<span _msthash="932" _msttexthash="1350518">The Opportunity: Your Next Adventure, Awaits


<span _msthash="931" _msttexthash="72398417">Our Core Business Services (CBS) functions provide a wide range of services that are necessary for our internal clients, the various service lines, to deliver successful professional services. We have adapted to the nature of the different service lines and sectors, to their new needs and provide them with the best support so that they can achieve their business objectives.


<span _msthash="930" _msttexthash="1034384">Some of the teams that are part of CBS are:


  • <span _msthash="923" _msttexthash="800553">Brand, Marketing & Communication
  • <span _msthash="924" _msttexthash="426855">Business development
  • <span _msthash="925" _msttexthash="91013">Finance
  • <span _msthash="926" _msttexthash="15379">IT
  • <span _msthash="927" _msttexthash="57525">Legal
  • <span _msthash="928" _msttexthash="254280">Risk Management
  • <span _msthash="929" _msttexthash="77324">Talent


<span _msthash="922" _msttexthash="24769108">Within the area of Markets & Business Development, you will participate in different projects and develop your professional skills, in an excellent work environment. You will create internal and external networks.


<span _msthash="921" _msttexthash="105684033">Your responsibilities will be to provide support in the different activities of the Markets & Business Development department, collaborating and facilitating the commercial activity of the Firm in sectors of specialization and key clients, supporting you in different levers: reporting, CRM, business intelligence, international network, proposals, quality program or coordination with the Marketing and Communication departments, among others.







<span _msthash="920" _msttexthash="413335">What we're looking for

  • <span _msthash="916" _msttexthash="12164295" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif"><b _istranslated="1">Agile and growth-oriented mindset: We are looking for innovative people who are able to work in an agile and adaptable way in a world of constant change.
  • <span _msthash="917" _msttexthash="21560552" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif"><b _istranslated="1">Curiosity and goal orientation: We are looking for people who are able to see opportunities instead of challenges, who ask the best questions to find the best answers and, in this way, build a better world.
  • <span _msthash="918" _msttexthash="15998723" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif"><b _istranslated="1">Inclusivity: We are looking for people capable of adapting to different perspectives, who seek them out and value them when working as a team, to generate security and trust.
  • <span _msthash="919" _msttexthash="9749818" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif"><b _istranslated="1">Formation: University studies in Business Administration and Management, Sales and Marketing or similar. Advanced level of English.


<span _msthash="915" _msttexthash="375726">What we can bring you:

  • <span _msthash="911" _msttexthash="8341073" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Development of your technical capabilities and leadership skills through development programs focused on your future.
  • <span _msthash="912" _msttexthash="7655908" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">I work in international teams that will give you the opportunity to get to know different cultures and points of view.
  • <span _msthash="913" _msttexthash="5727592" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Get the best out of yourself with a continuous investment in your well-being and career development.
  • <span _msthash="914" _msttexthash="8293532" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Develop your own personal goal and help our teams, business, customers and society in it; Building a better world together.


<span _msthash="910" _msttexthash="341237">What you can expect:

<span _msthash="909" _msttexthash="48369425" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">"If you are motivated to take on new challenges and challenges, THIS IS YOUR PLACE!! You will only have to sign up for this offer so that we can have your CV updated. If there is an opportunity that suits you, we will contact you to indicate the steps to follow so that you can start our innovative selection process.


<span _msthash="908" _msttexthash="3037476" style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif">Do you want to help us build a better world? We look forward to seeing you."




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