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Consulting - Java Developer Consultant - Qingdao

Location:  Beijing
Other locations:  Primary Location Only
Salary: Competitive
Date:  Nov 16, 2022

Job description

Requisition ID:  150949

Consulting - Java Developer Consultant/Product Manager-Qingdao


Excellent career opportunity with Ernst & Young:

Ernst & Young is one of the leading global professional services organizations with 268,000 staff around the world.  We are proud of our people culture which we believe sets us apart in the profession.  Ernst & Young helps you achieve your best by providing great learning and career growth opportunities, by offering ways to help you achieve satisfaction in work and life, and by looking at each decision with a keen eye toward how it will affect you.


(A)Java Developer Consultant



  • Demonstrate and apply a thorough understanding of complex information systems.  Use knowledge of the current IT environment and industry IT trends to identify the engagement and client service issues, and communicate this information to the engagement team and client management through written correspondence and verbal presentations;
  • Demonstrate and apply strong project management skills, inspire teamwork and responsibility with engagement team members, and use current technology and tools to enhance the effectiveness of deliverables and services;
  • Demonstrate expert ability to identify and analyze business and user requirements, develop, present and demonstrate professional solutions to prospective customers based on detailed customer requirements;
  • Prepare and conduct proposal presentations, demonstrations and participate in marketing and promotional activities (workshop, seminar, training and speech etc.);
  • Perform planned and ad-hoc security reviews to ensure compliance with existing policies;
  • Lead team to provide information security advisory services on risks and security best practice.


  • 1. 本科或以上学历,计算机/软件或相关专业,1年以上互联网java开发经验;
  • 2. Java开发基础扎实,掌握技术体系,包括JVM, 集合类, 多线程,网络,NIO等;能编写简洁清晰的代码;
  • 3. 熟练掌握主流开源框架和中间件,包括Spring FrameworkSprint Boot, Spring Cloud, Mybatis, ehcache, redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka,等;
  • 4.具有线上问题排查经验,掌握排查方法和工具使用;
  • 5. 熟练使用DEVOPS 工具链者优先,熟悉GIT, JIRA, Jenkins, SonaQube Docker, K8S等开发测试工具;对业界新技术敏感,喜欢钻研技术;
  • 6. 具有良好的理解能力,沟通能力,团队合作和解决问题能力;
  • 7.工作地点:青岛






(B) Product Manager



2. 主导客户现场调研,能有效与客户中高层沟通,进行需求的高阶分析及蓝图规划设计,并编写相关文档;
3. 配合商务经理开展售前咨询工作,包括准备解决方案介绍资料,客户现场讲解与沟通,引导客户需求并提出建议方案;参与招标项目,配合商务招投标工作,负责指导编写技术标书、讲标等相关工作;
4. 能够通过分析找出客户痛点的根本原因,并快速提供相应的解决方案雏形并有效地组织团队细化解决方案;
5. 有对复杂业务流程进行分析梳理的能力,能指导协助客户进行业务流程优化,提高管理效益;


1. 本科以上学历,3年以上行业经验, 有大型电商平台、互联网应用、采购供应链及ERP实施项目经验优先;
4. 具备较强的逻辑思维能力、演讲能力、文档写作能力、亲和力及客户沟通能力,善于解决客户问题以及维护客户关系者优先;
5. 能够适应高强度的工作任务和较为频繁的出差;



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