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Consulting - FSO - BC - Actuarial (Risk) - Beijing

Location:  Beijing
Other locations:  Primary Location Only
Salary: Competitive
Date:  May 3, 2022

Job description

Requisition ID:  645124


Senior Manager position



  1. 新保险合同准则IFRS 17实施咨询
  2. 精算尽职调查实施咨询
  3. 精算模型(负债、资产、与IFRS 17)建模实施咨询
  4. 保险公司偿二代二期实施咨询
  5. 保险公司资产负债管理与资产配置实施咨询
  6. 保险公司投资数据治理实施咨询
  7. 保险公司风险管理实施咨询
  8. 保险公司恢复与处置计划实施咨询


  1. 精算审计(财务报告准则、偿付能力、压力测试、资产负债管理)
  2. 内含价值审阅


  1. 本科及以上学历
  2. 熟悉Excel(包括VBA)
  3. 熟练使用Python、Prophet精算模型或具备数据库经验者优先
  4. 熟悉IFRS 17准则有相关研究的优先
  5. 具备出色的中英文表达和写作能力,英文能力较强者优先
  6. 其他要求:工作态度积极负责、具备主动学习的意识和能力、良好的沟通协调和团队合作能力、同时承担多项任务的能力

Job descriptions:

  1. Consulting engagements:
  1. The implementation of new insurance contract Standards IFRS 17
  2. Actuarial due diligence
  3. Actuarial modeling implementation (liabilities, assets and IFRS 17)
  4. Insurance solvency regime phase II Implementation
  5. Build up the framework for asset liability management and strategic asset allocation
  6. Insurance company investment data governance implementation
  7. Insurance company risk management implementation
  8. Insurance company recovery and resolution plan implementation
  1. Audit engagements:
  1. Actuarial audit (financial reporting standards, solvency, stress testing, asset liability management)
  2. Embedded value review


Job requirements

  1. Bachelor degree or above
  2. Familiar with Excel (including VBA)
  3. Familiar with Python, Prophet actuarial model or database experience is preferred
  4. Familiar with IFRS 17, relevant experience is preferred
  5. Excellent Chinese and English communication and writing skills, excellent English capability is preferred
  6. Other requirements: positive and responsive working attitude, active learning, good communication, coordination and teamwork ability, and the ability to undertake multiple tasks at the same time

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